The perspective has changed over the year. We stand here amidst turbulently changing external world towards single global market. The question we face is how to change the pertaining threats into opportunities. NPL in its quest for the answer seeks the guidance and cooperation from all medical practitioners’ and people.

NPL has already started to re-engineer itself to face in the inevitable future of global competition. It is in the process of atomization of the plant, consolidation of the continual manufacturing R & D and strengthening of the people always aiming to learn and do better. Developing inner technical strength and organizational flexibility, customer focusing and larger market share are the strategic objectives of NPL today.

NPL thinks the growth & developments of Nepalese Pharmaceutical industry will not only elevate national technology but also will help medical research and other medical activity.

We are here to serve - to serve the humanity by serving you. It is only through you that we can serve humanity. Your cooperation and guidance are imperative needs for us to observe our fundamental objective of serving humanity.


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