Marketing Planning Department

To enhance the customer services & optimize the customer satisfaction the marketing team is supported by Marketing Planning Department (MPD). MPD is considered as the brain behind the marketing & is also responsible for introducing new products, collecting & disseminating the medical information to the valued customer. Bulletins such as “The Himalayan Health" (THH) & "Shangrila Janaswasthya"(SJS) are other steps of NPL through MPD.


Marketing Planning Department (MPD) responsibilities

·         To analyze the area of training to be imparted to MR.

·         To train MR about the product.

·         To launch the new and existing product in the market.

·         To prepare different plan and policy for achieving the goal of company.

·         To revise the strategy and update it as per the need.

·         To do field work with MR/FM to know the competitor status in the market.

·         To co-ordinate with entire department.

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