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The vision of Nepal Research Foundation is to build a strong research base oriented towards formulation, delivery and analytical method and documentation development in traditional and modern therapeutics as well as in clinical research and biotechnological fields. Its mission is to develop national technology in traditional and modern therapeutics as well as in clinical research and biotechnology fields even in collaboration with foreign companies for the betterment of life in a highly responsible, credible and professional manner. The objectives of Nepal Research Foundation are as mentioned below:

  • To provide formulation and product development services to whomever in need.
  • To provide analytical services to whomever in need.
  • To provide documentation and document development services to whomever in need.
  • To provide validation and validation process development services to whomever in need.
  • To develop probiotic products.
  • To establish clinical research facilities and provide services to whomever in need.
  • To establish biotechnological research facilities and work on it to develop life sciences.


Our creeds:

  • We are committed to the philosophy of excellence.
  • We are dedicated to our customers needs.
  • We work as a team with our business partners and all work force in spirit of trust and cooperation.
  • We believe in open communication and participative management system.
  • We work and live ethically.
  • Each individual in our organization is important and responsible.
  • We focus accountability for every activity.



NRF starts its voyage with the basic services of manufacturing research and development along with sophisticated analytical laboratory facilities. The first stage facilities will consist a fully equipped formulation development center for tablets, capsules, dry syrups, topical, oral liquids, ayurvedic formulations, injectibles, opthalmics, and new drug delivery systems as well as packaging development. It will also have a full fledged analytical laboratory with chemical, instrumental, micobiological and pharmacological testing sections. The analytical method development for all new formulations shall also be taken place in the same laboratory. The availability of sophisticated instruments and equipment for formulation development in NRF will encourage other pharma manufacturing companies in Nepal, which are in need of such R and D and analytical services to take advantage of the services offered by NRF at a reasonable cost. With proper liaison, regular business from foreign countries can be expected within a reasonable time frame. In the second phase it will expand for establishing clinical research facilities and biotechnological research activities. Clinical research facilities will not only enable the nation to do bio availabiltiy and bio-equivalence testing of medicine in use, which is yet not being done but also invite MNCs for clinical test of their research products as well as for doing research on new salts in Nepal itself. And biotechnological research activities will take the nation in the field of life sciences which is the field of future and one must imperatively go. The project shall have following divisions:


  • Analytical laboratory
  • Formulation development and regulatory affairs
  • Herbal product development
  • Bio availability and bio equivalence studies
  • Seed development and Tissue culture
  • Nepal natural resource usage and business
  • Traditional medicines usage documentation
  • Biotechnology and bio informatics
  • Clinical research center


Research and development centre


Research and Development on formulation and product development, upgradation, documentation development and validation and validation process development. It will focus on allopathic, herbal, ayurvedic and probiotic products. It will also address to analytical method development and analytical method validation and application support and method transfer protocols. It will also carry on stability studies of the products developed by itself and by others, if anyone needs. Its services will be open to everyone in need. It will have all miniature machines of production and production area will be fully controlled with respect to humidity and temperature. R and D will also focus on traditional medicine usage documentation.

Microbiology Laboratory, Animal house, Seed development and Tissue culture

In microbiology laboratory the effectiveness of antibiotics, vitamins and steroids is tested as well as the microbial contamination in any product, water and shop floor. In animal house sterility test is carried on.


Clinical Research center

It will do bio availability and bio equivalence study of medicines (imported as well as domestically manufactured) and also later on will collaborate with MNCs on clinical research and provide them the facility to develop new molecule in Nepal if they wish, for new molecule development in advanced countries is very very expensive. It will have collaboration with hospitals as well as it will have an in- house mini hospital along with doctors and nurses. It will have its own sophisticated and modern laboratory.


Biotechnology and bioinformatics

Biotechnology and Bio informatics have been bringing revolution in therapeutic world. Genomic research have been exposing miraculous genetic remedies for disease deemed incurable. It has brought revolution in agriculture also. NRF will enter into this venture to take the nation to advanced genomics research.

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