NPL’s plant is located at Jeetpur; Narayani Zone. The land area is 216000 sq.ft. and the covered area is 85000 sq. ft. The environment around the plant area is clean and non-polluted and also far from any human habitation.

The plant is modern and well equipped and is run by qualified, competent and experienced technicians. NPL is a WHO-GMP certified company. It had exported some of its products to India and promoted therein.

At present it manufactures Tablets, Capsules, Dry Syrup, Liquid Orals and Ointments. NPL is the first company to manufacture sustained /control/delayed release Tablets, dispersible Tablets and Pellets in Nepal. It has a separate area and facilities for manufacturing B-lactam and Cephalosporin products.

At present, it manufactures the medicines of following therapeutic classes: Gastrointestinal, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal and Respiratory Systems, Dermatological, Gynecological, Psychotropic, Antidiabetic, Anti-infective, Anti-allergic, Vitamins, Minerals, Haematinic and Nutritional Supplement.

NPL is the first Nepalese company to manufacture Cardiovascular, Psychotropic, Antidiabetic products in Nepal.

NPL is also first Nepalese Company to manufacture veterinary medicines.

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  • Om Ashram-14, Birgunj, Parsa
  • Tel : (+977-51) 521097,528689
  • Fax : (+977-51) 522084
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